miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2012

Video recopilatorio - noviembre 2012

Os dejamos con los trabajos del mes de Noviembre de 2012, que han sido bastante variados! Nos han inspirado muchísimo para afrontar el mes de la Navidad: Diciembre!!!!

Aquí lo teneis!

Esperamos que lo disfruteis!

Come un pittoreeeeee..........

Muchos besos, audiencia!!! Ñam, ñam!

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  1. Me ha encantado!!!!! Me encantan todas vuestras creaciones... todas preciosas!!!


  2. Hi MaytCakes, oh.... the bear is sooooo cute and sweet. Very beautiful, you're very talented and creative.
    Your video is excellent. 2 thumbs up for you.

    The Spanish song very nice, may I know the title and the singer name?

    Have a lovely week ahead,regards. Hugs and love to you.

    1. Hola Amelia! We wish you all the best!

      Here is a link to the videoclip with the song embedded in our video


      Actually it is an Italian song that it right now a top hit in Spain. The Spanish version of the same song is not so good :P. However, it is one of our current favorites, because it's plenty of tenderness and make us feel special things... sometimes you do not know very well... it's a matter of personal sensitiveness...

      Lots of hugs and love for you too!

    2. Hi MaytCakes, thank you so much for the video link. I may not understand the language but I love the music. Will add into my video playlist.

      Have a great week ahead,warm regards.

    3. Lyrics is a good complement to music. But music is music and it has its own power capable to go thorugh the heart and our feelings. You are all right.



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